Its been a while

It has been sometime since I last uploaded a post.

More recently, I been fortunate enough to join a lovely department at the University of Derby (sport and exercise) and an amazing, friendly team. Which has meant a sharp move down from ‘Dundee to Derby’ where I was residing – not easy!

I have also helped oversee some significant developments with the social enterprise I am involved with Street SportsThis on top of research and the continued writing up of my PhD I have been pretty busy!

On the community football front both of these developments have been incredibly positive. Since arriving at the Uni of Derby I have been introduced to Prof. Des Hewitt and Ros Clark from the education department. These two fantastic people have been working with local community football programmes – BRILLIANT!

On invitation to a meeting with Derby County in the Community (@DCITC_Official) and Burton Albion Community Trust (@BurtonalbionCT) I was amazed to find the meeting was about CPD (career professional development)!! Given my last post for @responsiball (here) on the importance of raising aspirations, qualifications and standards of new coach induction (& essentially CPD), this way great news. In fact refreshing news!!

My previous article outlined findings from research undertaken within a English Premier League football club community scheme and I am delighted to announce the main findings from this research have been published within the very pertinent Soccer and Society journal.

Parnell, D., Stratton, G., Drust, B. & Richardson, D. (2013). Football in the Community Schemes: Exploring the Effectiveness of an Intervention in Promoting Positive Healthful Behaviour Change, Soccer and Society. 14, 1. Available Online here.

Access to the paper is above, however if your having trouble accessing it please drop a request below or via email and I will get you a copy. I hope you enjoy this detailed insight into football community life and the context I provide through the narratives of associated community coaches.

I loved this time of career being immersed within community football and look forward to get more involved with Derby in the Community and Burton Albion Community Trust in the future supporting their coach development around working in primary schools. Having broke my arm recently during football I missed the first CPD day (and the @ICSEMIS2012 conference – never a good time!), but there’s nothing better than the idea of taking the research and translating it into the applied world.

We do have some exciting work lined up to support community coaches and develop both sport and exercise & education students in sport coaching and PE, through shared learning spaces and experiences. I feel that these are really forward thinking partnerships, but I would love to hear of more operating in the community football world – please share any below.

I will keep all posted with these developments and other community football news  from what I see (more frequently). In the meantime, take care and again please share any news or stories you have in community football and I will share on the blog.

Cheers Dan.


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