Schools and Community Football Conference


Schools and football clubs have much in common. Both strive for success, take knocks and keep going whatever the challenges. Just like a football club, a successful school builds a sense of community: players, fans, staff, children, parents and teachers.


24th June 2013 at the Pirelli Stadium (Burton Albion Football Club)

Learning in school, just like playing for a football club, is about thinking, working with others and putting your heart and soul into every activity. This is where football community and schools come together.

It has become more important than ever for football to consider its wider social responsibilities. School learning which is restricted to the classroom is limited and ignores the heart and soul of the community and the wider world.

Community football programmes have long been operating within football clubs. In recent years, community football programmes have received unprecedented funding and support for sport-based social change projects: i.e., crime, social inclusion and health. Some believe without the support they deserve.


  • An understanding of how to develop innovative partnerships between community football programmes and schools
  • Workshops on current school and community football issues to create meaningful impact in schools and the wider community

Morning sessions: 

The morning sessions will include a key note speaker and a presentation that provides an insight into recent research by the University of Derby on the relationship between football club community programmes and schools. Very little research has been done on schemes that are undertaken and who it benefits. This research will benefit all programmes trying to develop their football in the community schemes.

This reveals key insights into the future continued professional development (CPD) needs of community football coaches. For schools, it explains how working with football clubs can have a dramatic impact on the development of the whole child and raising standards in school.


Lunch will then be provided with time for attendees from across community football to network.


The afternoon sessions will be split into break out workshops on the following areas:

Workshop1: Developing partnerships with schools and community football programmes

Workshop 2: Planning and implementing CPD for community football coaches

Workshop 3: Active learning and the classroom: ASICS [Anima sana, in corpora sana] “A sound mind rests in a sound body”

*Attendees will be able to choose 2 from 3 workshops.


Who should attend?

Those involved in community football programmes in senior management or head coach positions will find the day useful for the development of community football.

Head teachers, and teachers interested in learning outside the classroom.

Location and cost:

The event will be held at the home of Burton Albion Football Club, the Pirelli Stadium on the 24th June 2013. The conference is not-for-profit, and is subsidised heavily by the University of Derby. The cost for the conference will be £20 per delegate to support the facility and refreshment costs.

Timetable for the day:

Time Events
9:30am-10am Arrival Coffee
10am-10:15am Welcome and symposium overview
10:30am-11.15am Key-note: Andy Reed OBEDirector Sports Think Tank, SajeImpact, Chair Sport and Recreation Alliance, and Trustee of various boards. Read more.IMG_2258
11.15-12.00pm First Seminar
12pm-1pm Lunch
1pm- 1:45pm First workshop break out
1:45-2:45pm Second workshop break out
2:45pm- 3pm Plenary and finish

Register for the conference here and follow the latest news via twitter.

We will look forward to seeing you!


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