What is The Community Football Hub?

The purpose of The Community Football Hub is to bring together those interested in community football, to share our passion for the development and performance of organisations and people within community football and help make a difference through football. The website content will include; latest research articles, opinion pieces, interviews, cases studies and unique insights into community football and in some cases sport.

Background and philosophy

Work within and alongside the community football industry has been accelerated in recent years largely surrounded by the debate on the benefits of sport and physical activity. Football clubs community programmes have shifted from traditional football development and are now challenged with tackling more complex social issues such as obesity, mental health and social inclusion, often with very little support. We are in the process of helping change this. The philosophy of the hub, has and will always revolve around creating positive partnerships through the platform that The Community Football Hub offers, whereby we can help through the provision of applied and creative ways to solve problems within the industry.

Having your say

If you wish to make submission to outline a personal perspective or insight, to discuss a project or challenge or provide an overview of piece of research please contact Dan Parnell to discuss D.Parnell@leedsbeckett.ac.uk 


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