Dan Parnell

Dan Parnell BSc (Hons), PhD

Soccer - Everton launch of the Premier League Men's Health project - Goodison ParkDan founded the The Community Football Hub partly due to his love of football and partly to the fact he wants to help those involved in community football “do better doing good”. His qualifications surround sport and exercise science with a particular focus on physical activity, health and sport management. His applied skills include project management (Level 3 in both Project Management and Effective Leadership) and community football/sports coaching.

Dan supports the blue side of Merseyside, having attended his first game when he was 2 years of age. His greatest moment was seeing ’95 Cup Final Win and the Wimbledon match.

Interests: Community Football, Football in the Community, Sport/Football as a vehicle for Social Change, Health Promotion, Behaviour Change, Intervention Evaluation, Change Management, Organisational Development & Qualitative Research.

Project experience: Completed a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (LJMU) in June 2006. Then became a Research Assistant with LJMU in collaboration with Everton in the Community and Greggs North West evaluating the impact of the school based community coaching programme in health promotion. Before spending some time with Liverpool Schools Sports Partnerships and Wirral Borough Council as a community coach. Dan then became a project officer at the Liverpool Sport and Physical Activity Alliance (managing a range of sport for change projects). Following this, Dan supported the development of and then managed the Everton Active Family Centre, completed a range of research projects with hard-to-reach special populations (including Fit Fans, Everton Active Families & SmokeFree Sports). Having spent times at the University of Derby, as Programme Leader for the Sport and Exercise Science degree, Dan is now a Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management and Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University and is involved in research consultancy with local community football programmes and leading a national study in football clubs community programmes.

Connect with Dan on Linkedin and Twitter.


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