David Richardson

Dave_Richardson_NEWDavid Richardson PhD

Dave is the Assistant Director of the School of Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University. He is a principal lecturer in sport social science and the School’s Academic Recruitment Co-ordinator. Dave’s research and consultancy specialist areas include youth development, organisational culture and community. In this regard, Dave’s work has involved numerous top and lower tier football clubs across the North West and across Europe including France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Dave has also worked with respected governing bodies in football and cricket. Dave is part of the Psychology and Development (PaD) research group based within the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences.

The PaD’s research interests are predominantly concerned with understanding identity issues within high performance football environments. This research theme embraces athlete transitions and critical moments within and out of sport. Typically, this research explores environmental, relational and cultural themes that impact the strategic and operational aspects of an organisation’s approach to athlete development. The social, environmental and lifestyle aspects of existence are also prevalent in Dave’s other research interests that utilises football as a vehicle for positive behavioural change. Specifically, this research seeks to encourage healthful lifestyle change in community populations. Specifically, Dave, alongside Dan Parnell, has led and co-ordinated the development of a unique partnership between Everton Football Club and LJMU resulting the School’s first satellite site namely; Everton Active Family Centre (EAFC) based at Goodison Park. The Centre went on to host a number of projects including family based interventions, Premier League Men’s Health (read more on Kathryn’s profile), intergenerational projects, Extra-time and Fit as a Fiddle.

Dave’s research tends to be qualitative in nature (including interviews, ethnographic techniques, action research) and represented through the utilisation of traditional qualitative analysis and/or the exploring the use of creative non-fiction narratives to capture and illuminate observations of culture and associated applied practice. Recent publications include a book entitled ‘Youth Soccer: From Science to Performance’ (2004), a chapter in Science and Sports: Bridging the Gap (2008) produced by the World Commission of Science and Sports. Dave has previously co-organised the ‘1st International Conference in Qualitative Research in Sport & Exercise’, Liverpool, May 2004 and the ‘2nd Qualitative conference ‘Representing Sport’, Liverpool, May 2006.

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