Jimmy O’Gorman

Jimmy is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Development and Coaching at Edge Hill University.  He has undertaken research and consultancy on a variety of projects related to youth and community football, and football development more generally.  On these topics, Jimmy has worked with coaches, school teachers, volunteers, County Football Association’s and children for the Football Association in evaluating the FA Charter Standard Scheme whilst at Loughborough University in gaining his PhD.  Jimmy is also a UEFA B coach, and has coached at University / semi professional level, and at present concentrates his coaching for Manor Junior Football Club on the Wirral.

An advocate for change in the approaches to the development and provision of junior grassroots football, Jimmy has sought to question the motivations and actions of adults that organise children’s football.  As such, he has undertaken research and consultancy with local organisations and charities in delivering projects which seek to re-orientate grassroots junior football to one that is informed by, and shaped, around children’s interests.  In this regard, Jimmy’s research is primarily qualitative in nature which has informed his writing and publications which have centered on change and modernisation in grassroots football.  In particular, how volunteers and coaches in grassroots and community clubs have responded to a stream of FA strategies attempting to change the nature and provision of the grassroots game.


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