Kathryn Curran

Kathryn Curran (was Dunn) BSc (Hons), MSc

Kathryn CurranKathryn brings huge amounts of experience to The Community Football Hub. Her academic qualifications in sport science and physical activity and health, alongside her applied education and training including the Level 2 Health Trainer qualification compliments and adds tremendous value to the team.

Specialities: Qualitative Research, Community Football, Football in the Community, Sport/Football as a vehicle for engagement in health, Men’s Health, Health Promotion & Engaging and understanding hard-to-reach populations.

Project experience: Kathryn completed an MSc ‘Physical Activity and Health’ (Loughborough University) in August 2008. Before spending 12 months with Everton in the Community (Everton Football Club’s official financially independent Charity) in partnership with Liverpool Healthy Schools delivering the nutrition element of the Healthy Schools Bus project. She then managed the Everton Active Family Centre (LJMU satellite centre at the time). Before, setting up and co-ordinating the ‘Premier League Men’s Health’ project at Goodison Park. The ‘Premier League Health’ programme focuses around six key regional health themes and engages hard-to-reach men aged 18-35yrs old in Liverpool. Kathryn continues to undertake research within the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences (LJMU) on ‘Understanding the barriers to and motivators for men’s engagement in health related behaviours through a football in the community programme at an English Premier League Football Club’ which she is now writing up on a full time basis.

Connect with Kathryn on Linkedin here.


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